Week of April 23, 2012

This week in physics we will continue to examine how electric circuits work. Refer to the Unit 8 page for resources. We will examine resistance and Ohm’s Law (podcast 2) and do homework 1 in class. Expect a quiz on this homework on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then we will do a lab to explore the properties of a type of circuit. You should take notes on podcast 3 and podcast 4 by Wednesday to prepare yourself for homework 2, which we will do in class on Wednesday and possibly Thursday. A quiz will follow. Then we will do a lab to explore a second type of circuit. Be sure to take notes on podcast 5 and podcast 6 by Friday. NOTE: Your lab report on the electric fields lab is due on TUESDAY of THIS WEEK.

This week in Conceptual Physics we will discuss what you learned in the electrostatics podcasts 6 and 7, which are due on Monday. We will do homework 4 and have our unit test on Wednesday. We will start the electric circuits unit on Thursday. Be sure to watch the first electric circuits podcast by Thursday. We will work on homework 1 on Friday or the following Monday.

SCIENCE FUN FOR THE WEEK: Check out The Scale of the Universe. It’s amazing!