Week of May 14, 2012

Only two weeks left!?!? Where did the time go? I’m missing you already.

THIS WEEK IN PHYSICS we will do the compound circuits homework (homework 4) on Monday and do extra practice as well, extending through Tuesday. Our electric circuits unit test is Wednesday. (If you have an AP exam this week, please do NOT let this test take your attention away from preparing for your AP exam. See me, and we can arrange for you to take your physics test after your AP exams.) On Thursday we’re doing something important…um…what is it? OH! I REMEMBER! WE’RE GOING TO CEDAR POINT!!!!!! Prepare to have the way you experience Cedar Point changed forever! You’ll love being able to figure out how these rides work…seriously! 🙂 To prepare for the trip, please be sure to watch the three podcasts on Cedar Point physics.

THIS WEEK IN CONCEPTUAL PHYSICS we will learn about electric power, short circuits, safety features, and power grids. Be sure to watch podcast 8 and podcast 9 by Tuesday at the latest. We’ll do homework 4 in class and then do a review packet. You’ll take your electric circuits unit test on Thursday. On Friday we’ll begin exploring the magnetic world of magnetism!

FUN PHYSICS OF THE WEEK – Design your own roller coaster. Be careful! It may not work if you don’t obey the laws of physics!