Week of May 21, 2012

What a great week last week! We finished our electric circuits unit, and the physics classes enjoyed a truly beautiful day at Cedar Point. Kudos to all of you on the great effort you put into your Cedar Point lab packet. I know it was challenging. You deserve to feel proud!

This is the last week for our seniors! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We will miss you!

That brings up the issue of reviewing for the exam. Please click the Exam Review Guide link at the top of this page for information on exam preparation. Seniors, your exams schedule is below. Be sure to turn in your book to me in my classroom BEFORE you take your exam.

1st period: 8:35-9:55 on Thursday
3rd period: 10:10-11:30 on Friday
6th period: 11:45-1:05 on Wednesday
10th period: 10:10-11:30 on Thursday

THIS WEEK IN PHYSICS: We will review for the final and cover magnetism in class conceptually in accordance with the state standards. The intent this week is to keep you focused on a strong finish with an emphasis on consolidating all we’ve learned. Fun fun! 🙂

THIS WEEK IN CONCEPTUAL PHYSICS: We have our electric circuits test on Monday. After that our plan is the same as for physics.

SCIENCE FUN OF THE WEEK: On Sunday evening there will be an annular solar eclipse passing from China over the Pacific and into the western United States. This is the first time in eighteen years that an eclipse of this type has crossed over the continental US. Cool! An annular eclipse looks like this…

Beautiful! To find out more, check out NASA’s map that shows the path of the eclipse or Mr. Eclipse‘s awesome webpage…or take Astronomy with me next year!!! 🙂