WELCOME! – Week of August 20, 2012

Welcome to the start of a great new school year! I can’t wait to get to know you and work with you this year in physics or astronomy! This is the weekly assignment blog. It is important you take a moment to subscribe to it via the link at the right. Please read and digest the Physics Course Overview and Policies document or the Astronomy Course Overview and Policies document. You will need to print and sign the last page and return that page to me by the end of the first week. (Parent/Guardian signatures also required.) We will begin the week with introductory work, going over course descriptions, expectations, and class policies. We’ll also set goals for the year and get to know important tech resources that you will use. In addition, we will do specific work in each course, as follows:

Physics this week: Welcome! This week in physics we will take an important skills assessment test on Thursday. This test requires a scientific calculator. If you do not bring one, you will have to retake the test during a study hall or after school when you do have a calculator. I do not have extra calculators for class use. By Friday you should view and take notes on the following podcasts: Motion in One Dimension Podcast 1 – Distance v. DisplacementMotion in One Dimension Podcast 2 – Displacement & Direction, and Motion in One Dimension Podcast 3 – Speed vs. Velocity.  There are certain materials you will need for class. You should bring these to class starting this week. You will need:
1.) A scientific calculator (This may be graphing or non-graphing; our math department offers a low-cost calculator rental program.) – have by Thursday
2.) A spiral notebook or binder with loose leaf paper – have by Thursday
3.) A composition book (like the one you used for chemistry labs) – have by Friday
Finally, please ask your parents to view the video on the Introduction to Flipping.

Astronomy this Week: Welcome! This week we will take a skills assessment test on Thursday followed by the start of our work in the planetarium mapping stars. Please be sure to bring a flashlight to class with you starting Thursday.