Week of November 12, 2012

Another great week lies ahead!

This week in physics: It’s Friction Week! (That is not fiction!) Assignment 1 took us a bit longer than expected last week, which is OK because you were all doing some great work. We will finish it on Monday and then on Tuesday take a quiz over the first set of learning goals from this unit. (Note: Twelfth period is ahead – way to go! 🙂 – and will take the quiz on Monday.) By Monday be sure to have watched and taken notes on…Force Podcast 4 – Introduction to FrictionForce Podcast 5 – Static Friction, and Force Podcast 6 – Kinetic Friction. Following this we’ll do practice problems in class and assignment 2. A quiz will follow, and after that we’ll do an awesome lab on friction. Woo hoo!

This week in astronomyWe will go into depth exploring the different types of solar eclipses followed by a quiz. Then we will cover lunar eclipses and will do an in-class activity. Look for a test early next week. There is a new podcast posted about eclipses and eclipse seasons: Eclipses Podcast 1 – Introduction to Eclipses. REMEMBER: Your Astronomy Unit 3 – Outdoor Lab is due the day after Thanksgiving break and requires you to make multiple observations of the moon over many days. Don’t put it off, or you won’t be able to do it.

Cool Science: Again, too much good stuff to pick just one! Here are some of the coolest news stories in science!