Week of April 22, 2013

This week in physics: We will continue to practice those wacky compound circuit problems, and we will also explore the final topics related to this unit by taking notes on Electric Circuits Podcast 8 – Electric Power and Electric Circuits Podcast 9 – Circuit Safety Features for a podcast quiz that we will take on Tuesday. We will also begin the final assignment for this unit on Tuesday which will carry us into Wednesday. Expect the unit test on Thursday or Friday. Our end-of-course assessment will take place on your first double lab day next week.

This week in astronomyOn Monday and Tuesday we will finish our exploration of eclipses, and we’ll take the unit test on Wednesday. Then we will turn our attention to some familiar friends: the planets of our solar system! We’ll look at them from a different perspective, though, in that our initial focus will be on how they appear to move in our sky.

Cool science of the week: This one will truly spark your imagination! This month’s National Geographic is stirring up wonder and controversy with its focus on de-extinction, a process by which we can bring extinct species back to life! Imagine vast areas full of woolly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, or dodo birds. Is it possible? It’s been done, actually, although with limited success so far. Is it ethical? That’s the controversy. Read about it!