Week of May 6, 2013

Congratulations to our seniors who are departing on senior project! We will miss you! The remaining seniors have exams during the week of May 20th, and juniors have exams the following week. Please use the unit overviews under each unit page on this website to guide your studying.

This week in physics: On Monday we will finish methods of charging. Please take notes on Electrostatics Podcast 2 – Conductors, Insulators, and Charging for a podcast quiz on Tuesday. On Monday and Tuesday we will also do assignment 1 and will take a quiz on Wednesday. On Wednesday we will also take a podcast quiz over Electrostatics Podcast 3 – Electric Force and will quickly dive into assignment 2. Expect a quiz over this on Thursday or Friday. We’re close to the end, folks! 🙂

This week in astronomy: We will finish our study of our solar system and will take a unit test by the end of the week. Solar System Podcast 1 – The Motion of the Inferior PlanetsSolar System Podcast 2 – The Motion of the Superior Planets, and Solar System Podcast 3 – Asteroids, Meteors, and Comets will support your work. Remember that on May 16th your Unit 3 – Outdoor Lab is due.

Cool science of the week: Saturnian weathermen and women are having a field day reporting on the wild storm at Saturn’s North Pole. This hurricane beast is 30 times larger and two times faster than a category five Earth hurricane. Thanks to 10th period’s own TB, EG, AL, and JU for bringing this cool news piece to my attention!