Week of October 7, 2013

This Week in AP Physics
We will continue to explore Newton’s Laws by examining what we learned from our Atwood’s machine lab in which we found the mass of an object by moving it. We will do lots and lots…and lots…of problem solving involving multiple forces, Newton’s second law, and kinematics, and we’ll also perform another experiment to find the coefficient of static friction of various materials sliding across our aluminum tracks. Expect at least one quiz this week and guided reading #4 to be due, as announced. Also due this week is your projectile motion lab report. Please remember to write using Google Drive, share it with me (alhsgb@gmail.com (not used for email)), and submit it to TurnItIn.com by Friday at 3:00. Next week we’ll cover Newton’s Third Law and take a unit test. 🙂

This Week in Physics
Depending on your course sections, due dates will vary, so watch for announcements in class. This week we will complete assignment 1 (3rd period) followed by a quiz (Monday for 6th period, Tuesday for 3rd period.) Please take notes on the following podcasts by Monday (6th period) or Tuesday (3rd period): Podcast 5 – Introduction to Vector Resolution and  Podcast 6 – Vector Resolution Sample Problem. After discussing these podcasts we will complete practice problems in class followed by a quiz the next day. As announced please take notes on Podcast 7 – Introduction to Projectile Motion part 1Podcast 8 – Introduction to Projectile Motion part 2, and Podcast 9 – Introduction to Projectile Motion part 3. Later when/if announced please take notes on Podcast 10 – Projectile FormulasPodcast 11 – Projectile Sample Problem part 1, and Podcast 12 – Projectile Sample Problem part 2. We will spend most of the second half of the week simply practicing projectile problems.

This Week in Astronomy
We will complete our unit on our own star, the sun, this week by connecting the dots between the sun’s path at the solstices/equinoxes and solar radiation/climate. We’ll also, once again, travel around the globe to see how these things change based on location. Expect lots of activities and research in lab this week. Unit 2 homework is due on Thursday, and we’ll probably test on Friday. Remember that the Unit 2 Podcast – The Ecliptic and its Implications will help you study. Next week, “to the moon!”

Cool Science of the Week
Dude. This is a mind-controlled flying robot. I mean, seriously. That’s ridiculous – the good kind of ridiculous. A mind-controlledFLYING…robot.

(Note: The video playback may not work in email, but if you go to the home page of sgbscience.net, you will be able to play it from there.)