Week of October 28, 2013

Welcome to the first week of second quarter! Let’s make it great! 🙂

This Week in AP Physics
We will finish unit 4 over circular and rotational motion. Guided reading #2 is due on Monday when we will begin to look at rotation and torque. We will spend the week doing “AP Problem Solving with Physics” and will test by Friday. Your circular motion lab report is due by next Monday, November 4.

This Week in Physics
Please take notes on the following podcasts by Monday: Force Podcast 1 – Net External Force, and Force Podcast 2 – Weight. We will do activities with this information followed by assignment 1 in class (and then the inevitable quiz!) When announced please take notes on Force Podcast 3 – Normal ForceForce Podcast 4 – Introduction to FrictionForce Podcast 5 – Static FrictionForce Podcast 6 – Kinetic Friction. We will spend lots of time analyzing problems involving friction and will also do a great lab involving friction.

This Week in Astronomy
We will continue to analyze the appearance, alignment, and rise/set/appear/disappear times for the various phases of the moon by collecting and analyzing more data and synthesizing the information into one big masterful understanding of the phases of the moon. It will rock. (LAWLZ) These podcasts cover the material, so you can use them to support your study: Moon Podcast 2 – Lunar Phases and their AppearancesMoon Podcast 3 – The Phases and their Timings. We will end the week by exploring lunar geology (or is it “lunology”?) and will probably test early next week.

Cool Science of the Week
In the past couple of weeks in two separate instances, two giant (sadly, dead) “sea serpent” oarfish washed up on the Pacific coast. These incredibly deep-water fish are fantastically long, by some estimates reaching 45 feet! It is speculated that these have inspired “sea monster” myths of the past and that their deaths may portend geological activity such as earthquakes. Check out the photo (bottom) and this video (top) of an oarfish swimming deep beneath the sea.
Giant Fish_Watk.jpg