Weeks of January 6 and 13, 2014

Happy New Year!
This post covers the final week of the semester along with mid-term exam week. For all classes, please begin studying over winter break. The exam schedule is as follows:

Nothing but fun awesomeness!

These Weeks in AP Physics
Revised 1-8-14 to account for severe weather days: We will complete our study of oscillations and gravitation, ending our look at Newtonian mechanics. This week the following are due:
* Wednesday: Guided reading #3 and a semester review graphic organizer (described below)
* Thursday: Unit 7 homework problems
* Thursday and Friday: We will finish the unit 7 practice FRQ problems and go over the graphic organizers.
* Tuesday, January 21st: Lab report for the Spring Force Constant lab is due both as a hard copy (at the start of class) and to TurnItIn.com (by 3:00.)
* Graphic organizer assignment: Create a cognitive map (“web”) with ALL of the topics and formulas used so far this year. We will compare our organizers and create a giant poster-sized one in class, which I will photograph and post for you. This will be our only in-class review, and it will be brief. Therefore please be sure to use your time over break to begin your mid-term exam preparations. (Feel free to email me if you have questions. 🙂 ) The exam covers units 1-7, and all learning objectives are available on the front page of your notes for each unit.
From January 10th, just covering units 1-3 and part of 4: Graphic Organizer

These Weeks in Physics
Revised 1-8-14 to account for severe weather days: We will finish our energy unit by doing assignment 3 and 4 in class. We will NOT take an energy unit test as originally planned, although energy is on the mid-term exam. There is no in-class review, so please use your time wisely outside of class. The mid-term covers units 1-4, and all topics covered are in the learning goal packets. Reminder: Your energy research paragraphs must be uploaded to TurnItIn.com by Friday, January 10 at midnight. The class ID is 6936831, and the password to join the class is Tesla. For your reference, the paragraph rubric is here: Paragraph Rubric
OUR GRAPHIC ORGANIZER (Units 1 & 2 from review sessions): Physics Semester 1 Graphic Organizer

These Weeks in Astronomy
It doesn’t get a whole lot cooler than this! This week we will discuss all of the big mysteries of the universe! Prepare to have your mind blown! As for the exam, it covers all topics in units 1-6. All of these are listed in your learning goal packets…and in the notes you expertly took all semester. 🙂

Cool Science of the Weeks
Here are the coolest science images of 2013 as compiled by the folks at i09. Enjoy!
The Most Amazing Science Images of 2013