Week of March 3, 2014

In like a lion, out like a lamb! There are three weeks until the end of the quarter. Let’s work hard!

This Week in AP Physics
We will continue our electrostatics unit. Homework 1 will be due on Monday, and homework 2 will be due on Tuesday. We will take quizzes over Coulomb’s law and electric fields, as announced. Also this week: One of my favorite labs EVER!!!! Also note: Unit 9 test corrections are due by Friday.

This Week in Physics
We will spend Monday and Tuesday doing assignment 1, followed by a quiz, which will be announced. Next we will conduct an experiment on circular motion. (We will need safety goggles, so if you have your own, please feel free to bring them. However, I do have a disinfected class set, as well.) Toward the end of the week (when announced,) please take notes on Podcast 5 – Gravity and Podcast 6 – Center of Mass, Gravity, and Planetary Orbits. We will do assignment 2 by the end of the week or early next week. Expect the unit test next week.

This Week in Astronomy
Our unit 1 test is Monday. To help you prepare for the test, please do the Unit 1 – Homework Questions for Monday. Our Unit 1 webpage has every lecture podcasted to help you review. Remember also that your Unit 1 – Outdoor Lab is due NEXT Tuesday, March 11, so look for a clear night when you have a couple of hours available to go outside to make repeated observations. Starting Tuesday we’ll turn our attention to a welcome friend, the sun! Unit 1 focused on the night sky, and unit 2 will help us understand the astronomy of the day sky.

Cool Science of the Week
I hear this all the time (pun intended!): Cracking knuckles causes arthritis. But does it?