Week of April 21, 2014

We’re reaching the mid-point of the quarter, so keep going strong!

This Week in AP Physics
We will likely finish all of our unit on magnetism/electromagnetism along with the associated homework assignments, but I don’t anticipate us being ready to test by Thursday. It is likely we’ll start our exploration of wave motion and sound on Friday and test electric circuits and magnetism/electromagnetism next Monday. Things to remember: We have a quiz on Tuesday over magnetic force on moving charges. The review sets for unit 3 and unit 4 are due on Monday, and this week’s review sets for unit 5 and unit 6 are due on Friday. Also on Friday: During lunch periods we will be taking a practice exam with a full-length MC section and a partial FRQ section. Bring your lunch, your calculator, and your happiness! 🙂

This Week in Physics
We will begin our unit on electric circuits. Please take notes on Podcast 1 – Circuits and Current and Electric Circuits Podcast 2 – Resistance and Ohm’s Law by Monday. We will discuss the podcasts and then complete assignment 1, followed by a quiz, as announced. I will not assign any more podcasts for the rest of the week and will, instead, cover all material in class so that you can use your time to study for the big End-of-Course Exam, which we will take on Friday. Remember that your electric fields lab report is due on April 29 with an upload to TurnItIn.com by 3:00 on April 30.

This Week in Astronomy
On Monday we will begin our unit on the universe. Remember that your unit 2 outdoor lab is due on Monday. On Tuesday we will take the moon unit test. The three podcasts on our unit 3 webpage will help you review. Be sure to do the unit 3 homework and turn it in before the test. Your next (and last) outdoor lab on the moon is due on May 12.

Cool Science of the Week
Innovation is the cornerstone of progress! Check out the best inventions of 2014 as chosen by Popular Science magazine’s Invention Awards.