Week of April 28, 2014

This week we begin the second half of fourth quarter. Keep your spirits and your energy up to finish strong!

This Week in AP Physics
On Monday we will take the electric circuits/magnetism/electromagnetism test. For Tuesday please do homework 1 from Unit 13. We will complete this unit on waves and sound, along with all homework assignments, this week. Please also do your review practice sets for units 7 & 8, which are due on Friday. Two more review sessions run this week from 3:00-5:00 on Tuesday and Thursday.

This Week in Physics
We will take the important “End of Course” test on Tuesday. Bring a #2 pencil and your calculator. We will complete assignment 1 from our electric circuits unit on Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on your class period) and take a quiz over the introductory topics and Ohm’s law (covered in podcast 1 and podcast 2) the next day. We will spend the rest of the week conducting an additional virtual lab and exploring the properties of series circuits. When assigned, please take notes on Podcast 3 – Series Circuits and Podcast 4 – Series Circuits Sample Problem. We will then do assignment 2.

This Week in Astronomy
We will continue to explore the universe by looking at ways astronomers predict the universe might end. We will also explore how stars are born and how they die. (This will include black holes, supernovas, and pulsars!) We’ll take a quick look at the different types of galaxies and will finish up with a survey of the creepiest, coolest stuff of all: dark matter and dark energy. Super fun! Expect a unit test next week. Also, be sure to continue working on your outdoor lab on the moon, which is due on May 12.

Cool Science of the Week
This is a repeat of our CSotW from January, but I’m reposting for the benefit of this semester’s astronomy class. We spoke in class about the shape of the universe, namely that there is no “outside” and that it is finite, yet without an edge. Brain-numbing stuff! Here are the first two parts of a three-part series of short, fairly understandable videos explaining different theories about the shape of our mysterious home. (Part 3 isn’t released yet.)