Week of May 12, 2014

Four more weeks until summer = four more weeks of awesome learning! Stay strong! 🙂
Students in AP classes, please remember to let me know if you need some flexibility from me so that you can focus on your exams.

This Week in AP Physics
Your gateway to greatness is on Monday at noon! (Bring your calculator, put it in DEG mode, and bring extra batteries.) Remember to stay in touch via email over the weekend if you have questions. After the test? Well, nothing but experimental and analytical fun remains from Tuesday forward! (But, of course, all outstanding homeworks are due on Wednesday.)

This Week in Physics
We will complete our unit on electric circuits. On Monday we will complete assignment 3 followed by a quiz as announced. (If you were in an AP test this past Friday (May 9), be certain you’ve caught up on the parallel circuit podcasts, since those are the notes you missed.) For Tuesday please take notes on Podcast 7 – Compound Circuits. We’ll spend some time analyzing series, parallel, and compound circuits followed by an exploration of electric power, real-life wiring applications, and circuit safety features. Please take notes on Podcast 8 – Electric Power and Podcast 9 – Circuit Safety Features when assigned. We will finish the unit by completing assignment 4 in preparation for the unit test at the end of the week.

This Week in Astronomy
Long-term work: We delayed our test on the universe unit until after AP exams, so it is this Wednesday. Next Monday your unit 3 outdoor lab on the moon is due. (We did push the due date back a week because of cloudy weather.) This week we soar through the solar system, which will include a research project with presentations. Unlike your past explorations of this topic, you will learn how the planets appear to move in our sky so that you can find them and impress your friends.

Cool Science of the Week
The time for outdoor awesomeness is upon us, so check out this invisible bike helmet!

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.