Week of November 18, 2013

This Week in AP Physics
If needed we will finish collecting data for our work-energy lab and will then begin our exploration of the conservation of energy. Guided reading 3 is due on Monday in preparation for this. We will develop and solve multiple practice problems before exploring the concept of power to finish the unit. Guided reading 4 will be due as announced to support our efforts. We will spend the latter half of the week doing a one million practice problems. Ideally we’ll be ready for the homework assignment to be due on Friday so that we can take the unit test by the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break. Plan ahead for your studying, since many teachers give a test that day.

This Week in Physics
Tuesday is your quiz over elastic force. For Monday please take notes on Podcast 9 – Inertia and Podcast 10 – Static Equilibrium. As we go over these podcasts, you will design a mini-experiment to demonstrate inertia and static equilibrium. Following this we will complete assignment 4 together in class followed by a quiz the next day. We will then perform a mini-experiment involving the relationship between mass, force, and acceleration allowing us to deduce Newton’s Second Law. As announced, please take notes on the following podcasts, which will not all be assigned at the same time: Podcast 11 – Newton’s Second LawPodcast 12 – Elevator Problem part 1Podcast 13 – Elevator Problem part 2Podcast 14 – Terminal VelocityPodcast 15 – Kinematics Problem with Newton’s Second Law part 1Podcast 16 – Kinematics Problem with Newton’s Second Law part 2 Podcast 17 – Complex ProblemPodcast 18 – Tying Concepts Together. It is likely we will finish these after this week, as we will spend a lot of time analyzing and practicing problems related to these podcasts. LAB INFORMATION: Your lab report hard copy for the friction lab is due on Monday, November 25 at the start of class. You must share your Google document with me at my Gmail address, not my school email address. You must then upload your document to TurnItIn.com by 3:00 p.m. on November 26. The class ID is 6936831, and the password to join the class is Tesla.

This Week in Astronomy
On Monday we will take a quiz over the basics of eclipses as covered in class and on Podcast 1 – Introduction to Eclipses. Then we will do a jigsaw game involving the types of solar eclipses. After the activity we will debrief the information and then do a second activity to reinforce what we learned. Then we’ll take a quiz over solar eclipses. (Podcast 2 – Solar Eclipses will help you study.) Following the quiz we will explore lunar eclipses. My goal is to finish this unit by next Monday so that we can test before Thanksgiving break. Let’s bring our A-game (and use cliches!) so that we can finish on time. 🙂

Warm Science of the Week
This week’s “Cool Science” feature is about warming. Say goodbye to Florida as you use this interactive map to explore what Earth’s continents might look like if all the ice on the planet melted. Hopefully this isn’t our future!