Week of October 2, 2017

Due to a server crash, my website has reverted to its early 2015 version. Therefore if you were subscribed to the blog then and are receiving this, you may need to click “Unsubscribe” again at the bottom of this message. Additionally, the ONLY page currently functioning at 2017 levels is Physics Unit 1. I am collecting my tears in a bottle of sadness. Nonetheless we journey forth!

This Week in Physics
All but 11th period: On Monday we will take a quiz over the kinematic equations. Following that we will explore the remainder of Podcast 4, covering free fall, so be sure to take notes on all of Podcast 4 by Monday. During the middle part of the week we will do assignment 4. Ideally we will take the unit 1 test on Thursday or Friday. For 11th period’s assignments, read on…
11th period: Your quiz and podcast are due Tuesday. Everything else is the same as for the other classes.

Cool Science of the Week
The octopus city of Octlantis? This video!