Week of February 26, 2018

We are entering the last three weeks of the quarter, so be sure to stay on top of all of your work! 🙂

This Week in Physics
For Monday, if your class has not already done so, be sure to complete goal set 2 as homework. As announced in your class we will take a quiz over goal set 2 from unit 5. When announced please take notes on PODCAST 3 – The Impulse-Momentum Theorem. We will complete assignment 3, the Impulse-Momentum Theorem Lab, and goal set 3 on our way to our unit test, which will likely be next week.

Cool Science of the Week
Silent space: Did you know that every science fiction movie that allows you to hear a blast is boldly lying to you? Sound waves need a medium to travel through, so in the vacuum of outer space, there’s no sound… or is there? A plasma physicist has discovered that charged particles interact with Earth’s magnetosphere to create a different kind of sound wave, a magnetosonic wave. These waves are very low in pressure and are therefore undetectable, but they can affect satellites. Below the awesome gif is an audio file that makes these space sounds audible by condensing a year’s worth of sound into six minutes. Check it out!

Image result for death star explosion gif

On the audio below, click on the white lines in the lower right to hear the sounds after clicking the play button in the top left. Alternately you can click here to access the researcher’s external site.