Week of March 26, 2018

Once again we’re starting with the Cool Science of the Week feature! Be sure to read past it for your assignments. 🙂 Four-day week – spring break is almost here!

Cool Science of the Week
We all know that what goes viral is often not true. In recent years stories of a supposed alien skeleton from Chile began making the rounds, even showing up in a documentary. A scientist picked up on the story and asked to examine the tiny six-inch skeleton with the oddly elongated head, which, admittedly, looks a little un-human. DNA and X-ray examination revealed the shocking truth. You won’t believe what they found! (LOL ironic clickbait)

This Week in Physics
Due Monday: Assignment 2  and goal set 2. (Yes, first period, I know I told you it wasn’t due. I changed my mind. Aren’t you lucky?) The test for unit 6 is Tuesday. For Wednesday please take notes on podcast 1 from our new unit on electrostatics. We’ll go over this, do a little lab activity, and dive into assignment 1 by the end of the week.