Week of August 27, 2018

Welcome to the new school year! Be sure to sign up for your class Remind accounts using the instructions shown below. IF YOU ARE A STUDENT FROM LAST YEAR, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO UNSUBSCRIBE USING THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS EMAIL (unless you want to keep reliving these gorgeous physics memories.) Read on for your class assignments for the coming week.

This week in AP Physics (For non-AP Physics read below.)
For Monday please finish as homework the problem packet we began in class on Friday. As the week progresses we will do as homework the problems assigned in the 
Lesson Plan with Objectives and Homework Assignment listed as “Homework 2” and “Homework 3” at the end of the document. We will determine the due dates for these as the week progresses, but if you’re feeling inspired you can begin now. (We’ve covered all of the topics.) Also this week we will do two experiments: Lab 1 – Uniform vs. Accelerated Motion and Lab 2 – Acceleration due to Gravity. Expect the unit 1 test early next week.

This Week in Physics
For Monday please take notes only on video 1 from unit 1. It is always possible that there will be an open-note quiz over assigned video lectures, so be sure to write everything down that is shown on the screen. Also I recommend jotting down questions you want to ask so that you remember them when we skim through this material in class. We will be diving into some sample problems and our Analysis of Uniform Motion lab in class, so to be prepared you will need to come to class on Monday having already taken notes on this lecture. After our lab and only when announced, please take notes on video 2 from unit 1.

AP Physics: Remind AP Physics Join Codes
Physics: Remind Physics Join Codes

Cool Science of the Week
In some of my classes this week we discussed the dimensions of the universe and string theory. This video does a nice job of simplifying the incredibly not simple concept of strings and the standard model. (Cool Science of the Week is not required viewing, but it’s AWESOME!)