Week of September 10, 2018

Please be careful to read the assignments for the class you’re in (AP or regular.)

This Week in AP Physics
On Monday homework 1 from unit 2 is due. During the week we will finish unit 2 by completing notes, doing a second problem packet in class, completing homework 2 from unit 2 at home (due Wednesday), and running a projectile experiment in class. Test the following week! Woot!

This Week in Physics
On Monday we will (continue to) work on Assignment Fun 1 together in class. (It is not homework for the weekend.) When we are done with that you will do goal set 2 for homework (as announced, likely due Tuesday) followed by a quiz over goal sets 1 & 2. When announced please take notes over VIDEO 3: Acceleration. We will do various activities about acceleration in class followed by another assignment.

Cool Science of the Week
Bruce the vegetarian shark may be more real than we thought! Scientists have recently discovered that bonnethead sharks eat sea grass in addition to preying on critters, making them the first species of shark to be reclassified as omnivores instead of carnivores. Baby shark!