Week of October 1, 2018

October marks the beginning of the last four weeks of first quarter. Stay strong!

This Week in AP Physics
This week we will accelerate through the study of force and Newton’s laws by digging our grip into the topics of friction, terminal velocity, and Newton’s third law. Homework 3 will be due on Wednesday or Thursday, as announced, and homework 4 will likely be due on Friday or early the following week. We’ve also got one more lab to move through, the Friction and Vector Analysis of Forces experiment. This is a lot to force into one week, and I don’t want you to experience too much tension, so expect some of it to be pushed into the following week, when we will also have our unit test. (Your lab report for the modified Atwood apparatus experiment is due by the end of this week.)

This Week in Physics
We will complete our study of one-dimensional motion by exploring free fall . This will include doing assignment 4 together in class and running some simulations. Once we are done, we will take the unit 1 test and will then start unit 2 on two-dimensional motion. When announced, please take notes on unit 2’s VIDEO 1: Introduction to Vector Operations.

Cool Science of the Week
Baby sloths make the CUTEST sounds. Like, seriously. They’re basically squeak toys. Check out this sweet video from the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, which focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and research of sloths as well as conserving their rainforest habitat.

Image result for baby sloth“Obsessed!!!”
~Mrs. Burgess