Week of November 5, 2018

Mark your calendars for May 21! Our field trip to Cedar Point is approved for that day. While it’s not mandatory, if you’d like to go, you can toss it with confidence on your calendar now.

This Week in AP Physics
Problem packet 3 is due on Monday, when we will tie up loose ends from unit 4 on energy. The unit test will be Tuesday. This week we will also begin our unit on linear momentum. There are three topics in this unit, and we should work through the first topic, first homework, and first lab throughout the week. Woot!

This Week in Physics
This week we will take a quiz over horizontally-launched projectiles, complete goal set 2, do an experiment on projectiles, explore projectiles launched at an angle, and take our unit 2 test. YEAH! Here’s one more optional practice problem for your enjoyment. The solution is on page 2, so scroll for it. (Please see below for what is due for your particular class on Monday/Tuesday, as the schedules differ based on lab period.) By the end of the week we’ll begin talking about forces on our path toward Newton’s laws. If assigned, please take notes on unit 3’s video 1 on net external force, weight, and normal force.
Period 1: Goal set 2 is due on Monday, and we will take the quiz on Monday. The lab is Tuesday.
Period 3: Assignment 3 and goal set 2 are due on Monday. We will do the lab on Monday. The quiz is Tuesday.
Period 11: We will do the lab on Monday. Goal set 2 and the quiz are for Tuesday.

Cool Science of the Week
In these post-Halloween, candy-heavy days it’s fun to think about all of the critters we unintentionally live with. A new study is asking people to seek out and photograph the spiders and insects who keep us company. Grab that phone and take some snaps!

Image credit: The New York Times