Week of December 17, 2018

Exams are next week, but our quarter grades will continue after winter break. The exam schedule is available at this link. You will take your exam during your class period, not your lab period. AP, you get to take an exam on both periods. Yay!!!

There is no homework over winter break. Nothing will be due until the Monday after we return. Enjoy a well-earned rest! 

This Week in AP Physics
Your exam will cover units 1-6. When we return from break you will have one week to make test corrections on the unit 6 test, and we will begin unit 7. We will most likely test unit 7 before the end of the quarter and will begin unit 8. (The unit 7 test, however, will go on quarter 3 so as to allow you time to make test corrections. )

This Week in Physics
Your exam will cover units 1-3. On Monday, January 7 we will take a test over unit 3.