Week of February 25, 2019

This Week in AP Physics
This week we’ll finish
unit 10 on electrostatics by covering electric potential and capacitors with notes, tremendously great problems to solve, and a couple of rad homework assignments that you’ll just totally love. As we do so we’ll process our data from the electric fields lab to analyze how voltage allows us to find the charges of the point charges that created the field. Your lab report on this experiment will be due the following week. The unit test will be Friday or early the following week.

This Week in Physics
Periods 3 & 11 have the unit 5
goal set 1 quiz on Monday. All classes should have already taken notes on video 2, but please review your notes before the start of class on Monday when we’ll truck right through the material, do assignment 2 and move energetically toward the goal set 2 quiz. Late in the week please take notes on
video 3 as assigned.

Week of February 18, 2019

Did you know that in Ohio President’s Day is not called President’s Day but rather Washington-Lincoln Day? Now you know!

This Week in AP Physics
On Tuesday we’ll explore electric fields with some highly-charged notes designed to make even the most reluctant note-taker jump for joy. Tremendously great problems to solve, homework, and
one of my favorite labs of the year will follow. Later in the week we’ll cover electric potential, leaving us with capacitors to learn about and a unit 10 test to take the next week.

This Week in Physics
Due on Tuesday: Unit 5
assignment 1, goal set 1, and video 2. (Most of you have finished most or all of this already.) We will quiz over goal set 1 on Wednesday and will work through assignment 2. Expect to complete goal set 2 and take a quiz over this material by Friday or early the following week.

Week of February 11, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! There is no school on Friday of this week due to a teacher in-service.

This Week in AP Physics
We begin
unit 10 on electrostatics with some shockingly great notes on the basics of charge and charging, homework 1, tremendously great problems to solve, and such a great lab. As the week progresses we will explore electric fields and may get to more homework, more tremendously great problems, and one of my favorite labs of the year. We’ll see!

This Week in Physics
For Monday if you have not already done so, please take notes on
video 1 from unit 5 on momentum. We will move through this and do assignment 1 followed by a quiz over goal set 1, as announced. Time permitting we may also do video 2 on the role of energy in collisions, so watch for an announcement about that in class. ENERGY LAB REPORT: One hard copy per writing duo is due by Tuesday at 3:00. If you’ve been absent, the documents you need are: Law of Conservation of Mechanical Energy Experiment, Lab Report Writing Guide, and Lab Report Rubric. Good times.

Enjoy your week!

Week of February 4, 2019

With two snow days last week, we’ll be tackling some of the assignments we didn’t get to last week.

This Week in AP Physics
We will continue to work through
unit 9 on thermal physics by exploring the laws of thermodynamics, including an emphasis on pressure-volume diagrams and heat engines. Expect to do homework 3 & 4, two more sets of tremendously great problems to solve, and our online Analysis of P-V Diagrams expeirment. Will we test by the end of the week? PROBABLY not, but improbable doesn’t mean impossible, lol!

This Week in Physics
Please take notes on energy video 4 for Monday. (This will be your favorite video lecture of the year, I promise!) On Monday and Tuesday we will complete
assignment 4 and an experiment on the conservation of mechanical energy. Also, first period only: We will take the goal set 3 quiz on Monday. By Wednesday or Thursday expect to take the energy unit test. Next up: momentum!