Week of February 4, 2019

With two snow days last week, we’ll be tackling some of the assignments we didn’t get to last week.

This Week in AP Physics
We will continue to work through
unit 9 on thermal physics by exploring the laws of thermodynamics, including an emphasis on pressure-volume diagrams and heat engines. Expect to do homework 3 & 4, two more sets of tremendously great problems to solve, and our online Analysis of P-V Diagrams expeirment. Will we test by the end of the week? PROBABLY not, but improbable doesn’t mean impossible, lol!

This Week in Physics
Please take notes on energy video 4 for Monday. (This will be your favorite video lecture of the year, I promise!) On Monday and Tuesday we will complete
assignment 4 and an experiment on the conservation of mechanical energy. Also, first period only: We will take the goal set 3 quiz on Monday. By Wednesday or Thursday expect to take the energy unit test. Next up: momentum!