Week of February 25, 2019

This Week in AP Physics
This week we’ll finish
unit 10 on electrostatics by covering electric potential and capacitors with notes, tremendously great problems to solve, and a couple of rad homework assignments that you’ll just totally love. As we do so we’ll process our data from the electric fields lab to analyze how voltage allows us to find the charges of the point charges that created the field. Your lab report on this experiment will be due the following week. The unit test will be Friday or early the following week.

This Week in Physics
Periods 3 & 11 have the unit 5
goal set 1 quiz on Monday. All classes should have already taken notes on video 2, but please review your notes before the start of class on Monday when we’ll truck right through the material, do assignment 2 and move energetically toward the goal set 2 quiz. Late in the week please take notes on
video 3 as assigned.