Week of April 1, 2019

This Week in AP Physics
On Monday we’ll take our unit test over
magnetism and electromagnetism. Then we will continue to explore waves and sound with lots of sweet notes, problems, demos, and a really fun sound lab. Will we finish it all this week? Probably not, but we will be close, so we’ll test the week of April 8. Reminder: Please begin to work steadily through your online unit 16 lessons on modern physics. Also April is the beginning of the end, so I recommend starting to review units 1-3 this week. The AP Physics 1 test is May 7, and the AP Physics 2 test is May 10. We’re almost home, folks!

This Week in Physics
All sections are at different points, so please be sure to read carefully. First period: Your
goal set 1 quiz is Monday, and third period, yours is Tuesday. Eleventh period: You did this on Friday – good job! Everyone should have taken notes on video 3 from unit 3 on gravity and planetary orbits by the start of class on Monday. We’ll be finishing this unit this week with an assignment and an online lab and will most likely test on Thursday or Friday.