Week of April 29, 2019

Spring break! Yay! I hope you all have a fabulous, enjoyable time! There is no homework due the day after spring break. I want you to enjoy your friends, family, and time off.

Important upcoming dates:
May 21: Physics field trip to Cedar Point
May 24, 28, and 29: Senior exams
May 31 and June 3 & 4: Junior exams

This Week in AP Physics:
On Wednesday your unit 16 packet is due, and we will do Q & A over the unit while in class on Wednesday. Other than that, we will review for the exams!
AP Physics 1 exam: May 7
AP Physics 2 exam: May 10
Class celebration and pinewood derby project begins: May 13

This Week in Physics:
By Tuesday, April 30 please take notes on video 2 (electric force) from unit 7. As the week progresses you will also likely need to take notes on video 3 (electric fields) as announced.

For fun: Sharks travel over spring break, too! Check out this shark tracker to find out where they are.