Week of September 9, 2019

This Week in AP Physics
You have arrived at the week of your first real test. Woot! On Monday Phase 2 of your Tremendously Great Problems to Solve, which was handed out on Friday, is due. We will go over this in class on Monday and will then begin our unit 2 lab,
Horizontal Ranges Analysis of Upwardly-Launched Projectiles. Due on Tuesday by the start of class is the multiple choice Unit 1 progress check from AP Classroom. (Note that it says unit 1, but it covers what we’ve done in both of our units 1 & 2. We are only doing the multiple choice.) Additionally due on Tuesday is your lab report from our second unit 1 lab, Acceleration due to Gravity. On Wednesday we will take our unit 2 test, and this will be comprehensive, covering both unit 1 and unit 2 material. Thursday brings the start of unit 3 in which we’ll begin to examine dynamics, the study of why things move. Yay!

This Week in Physics
This week we will continue to examine graph interpretation with online activities, unit 1
assignment 1 from the book, and a formal quiz over goal set 2, which will be announced in class ahead of time. (It will not be on Monday.) By the date announced in class, please take notes on video 3 from unit 1.