Physics is the fundamental science of the natural world. This course involves laboratory work, problem solving, and demonstrations in the area of measurements, kinematics, dynamics, vectors, work, energy, waves, and electricity.

General Course Documents

Physics Course Policies and Procedures

Physics Exam Formulas
Math & Measurement Reference Sheet

Lab Documents
Lab Report Writing Guide
Lab Report Rubric

Error is either random or systematic (not human or equipment.) Measuring something that is between 7.9-8.5 cm long with this ruler would give systematic error. D’oh!

Unit 1 – Motion in One Dimension
Unit 2 – Motion in Two Dimensions
Unit 3 – Force & Newton’s Laws
Unit 4 – Energy
Unit 5 – Momentum
Unit 6 – Circular Motion & Gravitation
Unit 7 – Electrostatics
Unit 8 – Electric Circuits

Online Textbook
Go to and use the password and user name I gave you in class.