Unit 4 – Energy

General Documents:

PODCAST 1: Introduction to Mechanical Energy

PODCAST 2: Work-Energy Theorem

PODCAST 3: The Law of Conservation of Mechanical Energy

PODCAST 4: Power

Excellent Websites: Please play with these websites. They will help you a LOT, and they could show up on the test.

  • Work animations
  • Masses & Springs (Be sure to turn on the energy graphs and use spring 3. You can reduce the time to 1/4 or 1/16 to better view the energy transformations.)
  • Energy Skate Park (Be sure to turn everything on in the “Energy Graphs” section. Also try playing with raising and lowering the “Potential Energy Reference” line as well as the coefficient of friction. Spend some good time with this and analyze the data in the graphs. It will help you a LOT!)
  • The Pendulum (Be sure to click “Show energy of…1”. Also try turning friction on and off. Analyze the data for patterns.)
  • The Ramp (Be sure to click on “Work” and “Energy” and spend some time analyzing the data under different conditions.)

Lab Documents:

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