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I am in my twenty-fifth year of teaching physics, and I’ve been very fortunate to teach at Avon Lake High School for my entire career. The dedication of our students, their parents, and the community to maximizing student growth and achievement is incredibly inspiring to me. Our administration, faculty, and staff have such a high level of professionalism that I always feel excited about pushing myself to be the best teacher I can be for my students. I love finding new ways to help my students grow both in their understanding of physics and in their abilities to communicate, collaborate, and navigate in a 21st Century technological, academic, and professional world. I believe that all of my students are individuals with special talents and strengths that they can develop and be proud of. I love my job for many reasons, most of all because I get great joy from seeing each of my students grow and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in her or his own abilities.

While it may be a surprise, teachers do leave school occasionally to do things other more normal humans do. When I leave my classroom, I like to hang out with my husband, my two kids, my mom, my friends, and my dogs. I spend most of my home time chilling with my kids, making meals (I love to cook amazing vegetarian and vegan food!), transporting my kids to and from activities, and…when I have a moment for myself…meditating, which I’ve been doing regularly since I was sixteen! 
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