Week of May 7, 2012

Three weeks left? I know it’s sad, but not to worry. There’s still plenty of physics fun to be had!

This week in physics, we will watch the podcast 7 on compound circuits for Monday and then practice them over and over (and over!) We’ve postponed our quiz on parallel circuits (podcasts 5 & 6) to Tuesday in order to be humane to all of you who are taking the AP Psychology exam on Monday. You should watch podcast 8 on electric power and podcast 9 on safety features by Wednesday to prepare for our final homework of the unit, which we’ll do in class on Wednesday and Thursday. Depending on your AP exam loads, we’ll discuss whether we want to do the unit test on Friday or the following Monday.

This week in Conceptual Physics, we’ll do a lab on series circuits. Be sure to watch podcast 3 by Tuesday, when we’ll also have a quiz over electrical resistance and Ohm’s Law (podcast 2.) We’ll then do homework 3 in class on Tuesday and Wednesday (quiz on Thursday,) followed by another lab, this time on parallel circuits. You should watch podcast 5 by Friday.

Are you as pumped as I am about The Avengers coming out this weekend? I’m sure if you watch it, you’ll ponder the physics involved in some of the things our heroes will do. Here’s a fun article about Hulk Physics