AP Physics Pre-Work

Welcome to your AP Physics summer work!

What materials will you need for the course?
Mr. Gill: To be announced in class
Mrs. Burgess
: You need a scientific calculator, although it does not have to be graphing. As for office supplies, what you get is up to you. What you’ll be receiving from me will be (for every unit) a guided notes packet, labs, and practice problem handouts. Hence you won’t need a spiral notebook or composition notebook because you’ll take notes in the guided notes packets. To store everything in an organized way I recommend that you purchase one or two medium-sized binders (1.5″ or so) that will become volumes 1, 2, etc. (By using a series of medium-sized binders rather than one enormous binder, you’ll only bring to class current material, and the binders won’t have as much wear and tear as one ginormous binder would. I have a three-hole punch in the classroom, so we’re solid there.)

And now we begin!

Step 1
Print this guided notes packet: Unit 1 Guided Notes. As you watch the lecture videos, simply fill in the guided notes. (Please do not try to write all of the notes in a notebook in your own hand. It really won’t be feasible due to the large quantity of material, especially when we’re in class moving fast.) In addition, skim the 
Lesson Plan with Objectives and Homework Assignment to get a feel for the learning goals the College Board expects of you.

Step 2
Complete guided notes ~ Video 1: Introductory Concepts part 1

View: Mythbusters Cannon video referenced in video 1

Read: Solution to the reference frame dilemma in the Mythbusters video

Step 3
Complete guided notes ~ Video 1: Introductory Concepts part 2 (Note that the thumbnail below is mislabeled as “Video 2.” It is video 1 part 2.)


Step 4
Click the image below to find some problems from you future favorite book. Then view the solutions link in the second image. (Yes, presumably you could just click the solutions link and copy the answers. If you would do this, you might want to consider whether taking an AP class is what you really feel motivated to do. To succeed in this course, you have to be willing to work.)

  • Homework 1: First answer this question: “Generate an example of an inertial reference frame and justify your example. Then do the same with a non-inertial reference frame.” Next click the image below and do questions 41 & 43.
  • Homework 1 Solutions

Step 5
Complete guided notes ~ Video 2 ~ Kinematic Basics parts 1, 2, and 3 (Watch consecutively.)

Step 6
If you have not received a hard copy of the following document, print it and complete it. (Note: It is a violation of copyright for you to keep this copy once the school year is over, so at the end of the year I will collect it back from you.)
Unit 1 Packet Full of Problems volume 1

Step 7
When you have completed the Packet Full of Problems volume 1 watch the following video for the solutions. (Remember, if you don’t want to do the work and just want to copy the answers, this may not be the right course from you. No judgments… I just urge you to reflect to see if you really want to take AP Physics.) 

Step 8
Complete guided notes ~ Video 3 parts 1, 2, and 3 (Watch consecutively.)

Step 9
Now practice what you learned in step 8 by printing and completing Unit 1 – Motion in One Dimension – Problem Packet 2. If you can, you might want to work with a partner or two so that you can verbalize your ideas and gather thoughts from other folk.

Step 10
When you are completely done doing your very super exhausting best on problem packet #2, you can check your work by viewing the solutions videos below. And then you know what? You’re DONE! 

Part 1

Part 2