Week of September 3

This week in physics: Having completed the data collection phase of our first lab, we will journey to the computer lab to begin writing our lab reports “physics style” (which, by the way, is very stylish. :)) For a preview, you can check out our Lab Report Writing Guide and the Analysis of Uniform Motion Lab Rubric. In addition, we will learn to use Google docs to write our lab reports. If you do not already have a Google account, you will create one in class through our school’s Google accounts. Following our work on the lab reports, we will dive deeply into analyzing graphs of motion. (For a preview, you can check out The Moving Man if you’d like. It’s fun! :)) Finally, by the end of the week we will begin our first real set of “homework” problems, which, in keeping with the flipped classroom model, we will do in class. Look for your first quiz mid-week the following week. Note: If I assigned extra math practice problems to you, please be sure to do those asap. You can find them here: Extra Math Help Information and Practice Page

This week in Astronomy: We will wrap up the star mapping phase of our first unit as we complete the constellation project on Monday and Tuesday. Then we’ll explore the Celestial Equator in more detail followed by the Celestial North Pole and the Celestial South Pole. Look for a quiz mid-week on star mapping.

Cool Science of the Week: There was WAY too much cool science this week just to pick one thing! Here are some terrific things that happened this week:

How delicious does that sound? Chilean astronomers have identified sugar crystals surrounding a star. What’s the significance? Sugar is one of the building blocks of life. Interesting!


Find out how this guy played the first song broadcast from another planet!


Photos of Mars…Taken on Mars!
So, seriously, these are amazing. The Curiosity rover on Mars has a Mast Camera (“MastCam”) that’s taking beautiful pictures. It’s almost like you’re there!

Finally, this past Saturday America lost one of its great scientific pioneers, Ohio native Neil Armstrong, who was the first human to set foot on the moon back in July of 1969. To read more, you can check out this tribute from NASA.

Neil Armstrong
August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012
Moon walk: July 20, 1969