Week of October 8, 2012

TWITTER! You asked for it, and now you’ve got it! I’ve started a Twitter feed to share cool science and class alerts. Follow our class at twitter.com/MrsGouldBurgess.

This week in physics: On Monday we will finish assignment one and use the ActivExpressions to do our final vector addition practice problems. Then we will begin to work with projectiles. Therefore, for Monday you should watch Podcast 7 – Introduction to Projectile Motion part 1Podcast 8 – Introduction to Projectile Motion part 2, and Podcast 9 – Introduction to Projectile Motion part 3. On Tuesday we will take a quiz over the first set of learning goals (covered in assignment 1 and the first four podcasts from this unit,) and then will begin to dive deeply into the math of projectiles. Therefore also for Tuesday you should watch Podcast 10 – Projectile Formulas Podcast 11 – Projectile Sample Problem part 1, and Podcast 12 – Projectile Sample Problem part 2. We will spend the rest of the week doing practice projectile problems in class along with assignment 2. You’ll notice that we aren’t viewing podcasts 5 and 6. The state standards no longer include these, but I’ve kept them posted for your reference. Also, if you’re having trouble with the trig, please view the Bonus Podcast – Trigonometry Review. (No, it’s not for bonus points. Just bonus fun!!! :)) Next week look for the most chaotic lab you will ever enjoy, the “Shoot the Marbles out of the Launcher Contraption all over the Room” lab. It’s…a mess. But it’s fun, and you’ll learn! 🙂 Then we’ll take the unit test toward the end of next week. Awesome!

This week in astronomy: We will go to the planetarium to view what the sun’s path would look like from different latitudes. On Tuesday we’ll take a quiz over the ecliptic and the equinoxes and solstices. Then we’ll cover solar radiation by doing an activity. We’ll finish up by looking at Earth’s orbit in more detail. Expect the unit test Thursday. A podcast containing all of the information from this unit is now available at Unit 2 Podcast – The Ecliptic and its Implications. Please be sure to use it to help you prepare. Next up: The Moon! 🙂

Cool science of the week: A comet as bright as the full moon!?! Yes way! A newly discovered comet is likely to soar through our sky starting in November 2013 shining brightly enough to be visible in the daytime. Way! …Unless, that is, it crashes into the sun first.