Week of April 15, 2013

This week in physicsEntering the final phase of our study of electric circuits, we will complete assignment 3 together in class on Monday/Tuesday followed by a quiz the day after we finish. Next you should view and take notes on Podcast 7 – Compound Circuits by the due date announced in your class so that you’re ready for the podcast quiz. We’ll spend a good amount of time practicing problems with compound circuits, and then you should view and take notes on Podcast 8 – Electric Power and
Podcast 9 – Circuit Safety Features by the due date announced in your class so that you’re ready for that podcast quiz. When we’ve completed these things, we will complete assignment 4 in class. That will bring us to the unit 8 test! This will definitely spill well into next week depending on how much practice we need with compound circuits. NOTE: The day after our unit 8 test, we will take a comprehensive test to give us information about our growth this year. This test will take two class periods.

This week in astronomy: We will continue to examine solar eclipses in detail by completing a project together in class followed by a mega-quiz. Eclipses Podcast 2 – Solar Eclipses will support your studying. Following that, we’ll explore lunar eclipses with a project, in-class activities and notes, and a quiz. Eclipses Podcast 3 – Lunar Eclipses will support your work. We’ll either end the week with the unit 4 test or start next week with it. NOTE: Regarding the unit 1 outdoor lab and the unit 2 outdoor lab: With the exception of spring break, we have continued to have unusually cloudy weather this entire semester. It is still worthwhile to do these labs because they are interesting, relevant, and, at this point, will help you prepare for the final. However, every due date I set needs to be pushed back because of the weather. For example, here’s what’s coming:


Therefore, I am giving us two more weeks with the hope that we’re going to get a break. I’m watching the weather. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday should give you opportunities for the unit 2 lab, which requires repeated measurements over a series of days. Deadline: May 1. GET GOING.

Cool Science of the Week: Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently visiting the International Space Station, is making news for his fun, viral Tweets. Check out this video about making PB&J in space! His Twitter feed from space is full of fantastic views from the ISS along with other weird tweets about life in space. He also has a killer mustache.