Week of December 9, 2013

While it seems as if we are almost done with the semester, we have just passed mid-quarter. Lots of time left…Let’s keep moving!

This Week in AP Physics
We will continue to work on our linear momentum unit. The homework is due Tuesday, and our test will be Thursday. The Impulse-Momentum Theorem lab report is due Friday. Also for Friday to begin our next unit, please do Guided Reading 1 for Unit 7.

This Week in Physics
For Monday please take notes on the following podcasts: Podcast 1 – Gravitational Potential EnergyPodcast 2 – Positive & Negative Potential EnergyPodcast 3 – Elastic Potential Energy, and Podcast 4 – Kinetic Energy. We will discuss these and then do assignment 1 in class, followed by a quiz. As announced, please take notes on Podcast 5 – WorkPodcast 6 – Positive & Negative WorkPodcast 7 – Work-Energy TheoremPodcast 8 – Work-Energy Theorem Sample Problem 1Podcast 9 – Work-Energy Theorem Sample Problem 2Podcast 10 – Work-Energy Theorem Sample Problem 3, and Podcast 11 – Work-Energy Theorem Sample Problem 4. We will cover these topics and then do assignment 2, followed by a quiz, which will likely be the following week.

This Week in Astronomy
On Monday we will finish our exploration of The Motion of the Inferior Planets followed by a quiz on Tuesday. We’ll spend the next day or two looking at The Motion of the Superior Planets followed by another quiz, after which we’ll turn our attention to the individual planets in a giant jigsaw activity. Other due dates: The Unit 4 – Homework Questions are due on Monday, and because of clouds we extended the due date for the Unit 3 – Outdoor Lab to this Friday.

Cool Science of the Week
An eagle stole a camera! Flew right off with it…and then took a cute selfie. Check it out!
Caught red-beaked: This eagle grabbed a small wildlife camera in western Australia, flew away with it and then pecked away at the lens.