Week of March 9, 2020

This Week in AP Physics
The remainder of unit 10 homework 3 is due on Monday. The third phase of the tremendously great problems is also due. (You had class time on both, so hopefully your homework is minimal over the long weekend.) On Monday and Tuesday we will explore capacitors and capacitance, and unit 10 homework 4 will be due on Tuesday. (Remember that your electric fields/electric potential lab report is also due on Tuesday.) Expect the unit 10 test on Wednesday. After that omg omg it’s one of my favorite units of the year: electric circuits! Yay!!!

This Week in Physics
On Monday we will finish momentum unit assignment 3 in class. Goal set 3 is due on Tuesday. We will also conduct an experiment on the impulse-momentum theorem. You will have a formal lab report to write for this experiment. (Details will be given in class.) Expect to take the momentum unit test by the end of the week. Next up: Our last unit on mechanics: circular and rotational motion!