Unit 12: Electricity and Magnetism – Magnetism and Electromagnetism

This is where it all comes together. How do we get the majority of our current? We get it from electromagnetic interactions in a generator. Let’s put the icing on the electricity cake by understanding how they work!

Avon Lake Power Plant c. 1965 (above) and c. 1925 (below)

Fun fact: Your teacher’s great grandfather was the architect of the plant!
(Please don’t blame him for the subsequent additions.
He just did the original part of the building.)


Full teacher notes available by request via email to Michelle.Burgess@avonlakecityschools.org
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  • PhET Generator helps you visualize magnetic fields and magnetic domains. It also allows you to play with a simple electromagnet and create alternating current with a simple generator. Click on all the tabs and explore the options.
  • PhET Faraday’s Law is simplistic but helpful.

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