Week of February 5, 2018

This Week in Physics
We will take our unit 4 test either on Monday or Tuesday as announced in your class period on Friday. Due on the day after you take the test, please take notes on unit 5’s PODCAST 1: The Law of Conservation of Momentum. We will go over this in class, do assignment 1, complete an informal lab activity, and take a quiz over goal set 1 as announced. If announced please take notes on PODCAST 2: Types of Collisions – The role of kinetic energy.

Cool Science of the Week
If you lived in the Arctic Circle you would spend part of the winter experiencing 24-hours of darkness with the sun never rising due to the tilt of the Earth. What would that be like? The New York Times decided to find out by interviewing people who live there.  (Hint: The picture below is moonlight during the DAY!)