Week of February 12, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This Week in Physics
For Monday please complete assignment 1. In class on Monday we will go over assignment 1 and will put the finishing touches on our law of conservation of momentum experiment. On Tuesday we will take a quiz over goal set 1. (If your class does not finish going over goal set 1 in class on Monday it will be due on Tuesday.) As announced please take notes on PODCAST 2: Types of Collisions – The role of kinetic energy. We will complete assignment 2 and will reprocess our data from our mini law of conservation of momentum lab from the perspective of analyzing the types of collisions. By the end of the week we will take a quiz over goal set 2. We may be ready to take notes on the last podcast of the unit by Friday, but with scheduling for next school year taking place this week, it is likely that you will take notes on that for next week. Stay tuned!

Scheduling Information
Here is the link for the 2018-2019 ALHS Program of Studies.

Cool Science of the Week
Scientists rock, and now a record number of scientists are running for political office, walking in the footsteps of Sir Isaac Newton, who served as a Member of Parliament after achieving success in the fields of science and mathematics.