Week of September 24, 2018

The end of this week marks the interim of first quarter. Please check PowerSchool to make sure your grade is where you want it to be as you strive for excellence! 

This Week in AP Physics
We will continue to work our way through our unit on mass, force, and Newton’s laws. If you did not turn it in on Friday, your Inertial Mass vs Gravitational Mass lab is due on Monday. Homework 1 will be due Tuesday. We have covered all topics for that homework, so feel free to start this weekend. As the week progresses we will dive deeper into tension, Newton’s second law, and friction, resulting in our ability to do homework 2 when assigned. It’s a long one, and we have touched on some of the topics. Feel free to work ahead to the extent that you can if you know you have a busy week ahead. We’ll round out the week with some deliciously interesting practice problems in class and will perform a classic Newton’s Second Law experiment for which you will get to write a formal lab report. Hooray! Expect a test at the end of the following week or (more likely) during the first half of the week after that. (This may feel like a lot, but it will pace itself out nicely, especially if you get a chance to work ahead.)

This Week in Physics
We will enter the final phase of unit 1. First and third periods, goal set 3 is due on Monday, and we will have a quiz over goal set 3 on Monday, as well. Third period: Notes from video 4 are due at the start of class on Monday. First period, yours are due for Tuesday. (Eleventh period angels, if you’re behind on any of that, this weeknd is your chance to catch up.) We’ll move through lots of practice on the kinematic equations and free fall and will segue into assignment 4 as the week progresses. Expect a test early the following week (but not that Monday, because I would never give you a test on the Monday after homecoming weekend.)

Cool Science of the Week
Hey, did you hear that the BROWNS WON??? I don’t know about you, but I loved seeing the spiral on the ball of Baker Mayfield’s amazing passes. Why do quarterbacks put spin on the ball? Physics, of course! 
FUN FACT: The photographer who took the picture below is a friend of your teacher’s family!

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield throws a pass during the first half against the New York Jets at FirstEnergy Stadium.
Photo credit: Ken Blaze, USA TODAY Sports