Week of November 12, 2018

This week is the third week of second quarter, and it’s almost Thanksgiving! Yay!

This Week in AP Physics
We will explore the law of conservation of linear momentum in systems this week by taking some enlightening and exciting notes, doing some intellectually stimulating practice problems, completing a mind-blowing experiment, and doing a very fulfilling homework 2. None of this is hyperbole. That last sentence was not glib. These are not the droids you’re looking for. By the end of the week we will explore the role of energy in collisions. Woot!

This Week in Physics
For Monday please take notes on unit 3 video 1, Net External Force, Weight, and Normal Force. We will do assignment 1 together in class and will take a quiz over goal set 1 as announced. When assigned please take notes on video 2, Friction.

Cool Science of the Week
In September researchers announced an incredible breakthrough treatment for paralyzed victims of spinal cord injuries. The treatment involves implanting a stimulator directly into the spinal cord to prompt the spinal cord to “relearn” how to move limbs. The man walking below is “paralyzed.” At long last, there is some real hope!
Image: Jeff Marquis with trainers Justin Vogt and Katelyn SmithPhoto credit: NBC News