Week of March 25, 2019

This Week in AP Physics
You will be thrilled to know that we will finish
unit 12 on magnetism by the end of the week, so expect a test on Thursday or Friday. Yay! We will also do a mini-lab that most people have a lot of fun with. Yay! P.S. Be sure to check out the pictures on our unit 12 page. They’re pretty rad.

This Week in Physics
We will finish unit 6 on circular motion and gravity by the end of the week. For Monday please take notes on
video 2 from unit 6. Goal set 1 is due for first period on Monday and third period on Tuesday. All classes will take a quiz over goal set 1 on Tuesday. When assigned please take notes on video 3 from unit 6. We will do assignment 2 together in class followed by goal set 2. Additionally we will be completing our circular motion lab. A lab report for this lab will be due as announced.