Weeks of December 9 & December 16, 2019

Exams run December 18-19. Please check the schedule on our school website. You will take your exam as follows:
3rd period physics takes it 3rd period.
11th period physics takes it 11th period.
AP Physics takes the multiple choice 6th/7th and the FRQ 8th/9th.
Remember that the quarter does not end until January 17, so regular quarter grades will continue through that time.

These Weeks in Physics
You will complete videos 5 & 6, assignments 5 & 6, and goal sets 5 & 6. Expect your unit test toward the end of the week of December 9 or at the start of exam week.
Exam information: Your exam covers all content in units 1-3. The learning goal packets are your study guide. If you’ve lost yours you may print new ones on each unit’s web page.

These Weeks in AP Physics
For Monday please do the torque and rotation workbook pages 203-204 and 197-198. We will finish our unit notes on Monday. After (only after) finishing our lecture on Monday please watch the following videos from the outstanding resource Flipping Physics:
1.) Angular Momentum of Particles Introduction
2.) Common Point Particle Angular Momentum Triangle (a bit more complex than we need but helpful overall to show us the L = pR = mvR relationship)
3.) Rolling without Slipping Introduction and Demonstrations
On Tuesday you will do a rotational equilibrium lab and will then continue with a few more workbook pages and a packet of tremendously great problems. Expect the unit 6 test on or around Thursday. After that we will begin unit 7 on simple harmonic motion and will then prepare for the exam.