Week of February 11, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! There is no school on Friday of this week due to a teacher in-service.

This Week in AP Physics
We begin
unit 10 on electrostatics with some shockingly great notes on the basics of charge and charging, homework 1, tremendously great problems to solve, and such a great lab. As the week progresses we will explore electric fields and may get to more homework, more tremendously great problems, and one of my favorite labs of the year. We’ll see!

This Week in Physics
For Monday if you have not already done so, please take notes on
video 1 from unit 5 on momentum. We will move through this and do assignment 1 followed by a quiz over goal set 1, as announced. Time permitting we may also do video 2 on the role of energy in collisions, so watch for an announcement about that in class. ENERGY LAB REPORT: One hard copy per writing duo is due by Tuesday at 3:00. If you’ve been absent, the documents you need are: Law of Conservation of Mechanical Energy Experiment, Lab Report Writing Guide, and Lab Report Rubric. Good times.

Enjoy your week!